Flexible Service

We provide our core services with many tailor-made options available to our clients:


Bulk Handling, loading and shipping 
Ocean Freight Management

Port options:

Port Elizabeth
Richards Bay

Transport options:

Transnet Freight Rail – bulk or containers
Road haul – bulk or containers

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Tradekor handles an average of 147 900 tonnes of bulk product per month. This includes manganese and chrome. 

We have been allocated some of the trains on Transnet’s Manganese Export Channel Allocation II (MECA). These trains offload at our Markman depot, from where the product is exported in bulk through PE harbor.

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Product handled through our warehouses include manganese and chrome. It is delivered to the warehouses in bulk and containerized in TEU’s and FEU’s. Presently, around 33 800 metric tonnes of product is containerized per month and transported to the various ports for shipping, either by road or by rail. This is destined for the Far East, Middle East and Europe.

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We currently handle about 181 700 metric tonnes of product per month at all our warehouses. These are well situated to optimize on speed, efficiency and cost. Chrome mines in the Northwest and Eastern Limb can deliver at City Deep in Johannesburg, from where product goes to Durban Port. Manganese from the Northern Cape is delivered at Bloemcon depot in Bloemfontein or Markman depot in Port Elizabeth – this product is either destined for Nqgura Port or PE Port.

At our warehouses we handle our own cargo, as well as cargo on behalf of our clients. Our four strategic locations are:

  • City Deep, Johannesburg
  • Bloemcon, Bloemfontein
  • Markman, Port Elizabeth
  • RGO, Rustenburg


We have established working relationships with selected companies to handle forwarding and clearing on behalf of our clients. Both importers and exporters can be assured that forwarding & clearing is handled through highly reputable companies to provide this service efficiently and cost-effectively.

Product is shipped with major international container shipping lines, servicing a wide range of ports. While we mostly take cargo to the Far East, India, Middle East and Europe, we have the flexibility to arrange shipping to any port worldwide. Schedule reliability is a priority to ensure that our shipping service is timely and secure.

Cargo facilitation is only one aspect of our dedication to a full service delivery. We are also committed to act as collateral managers for our customers’ product – this entails taking responsibility for the safety, security and quality aspects of cargo handled.



Tradekor provides road transport at competitive rates, focusing on the following routes:

  • Northern Cape to Durban/PE/Richard’s Bay
  • Northwest to City Deep/Durban/Richard’s Bay
  • Steelpoort to Maputo
  • Local Gauteng Area

We have steadily built a reliable base of transport contractors to give us access to a substantial fleet across our main routes. Around 86 700 tonnes per month is currently transported, facilitated by around forty transport companies who subcontract to Tradekor.